About SWCC

Welcome to Still Waters Coffee Co; a place of coffee, connection, community.

Still Waters is a local coffee shop designed with the community in mind in every step. Here we serve quality coffee, related teas and beverages, and snacks. We place a special emphasis on quality ingredients, healthy options, and allergen awareness to best serve every customer. The atmosphere of our local shop provides a comfortable and homelike aesthetic that serves as an opportunity for meaningful connections, productivity, and a place to unwind. We strive to be present in our hometown as a “3rd space” apart from home and work. This local shop also participates in community events both hosted in the shop as well as ones happening outside our doors. Our passion for good coffee is only rivaled by our passion for purposeful coffee in the heart of the Highlawn community as well as the greater Huntington area.

Through programs, such as our “Initiative 23” program, we aim to serve good coffee that serves great people. Our coffee extends beyond the cup as we reach the impoverished population in Huntington- specifically the homeless.

Still Waters Coffee Co is owned by a husband and wife team, Caleb and Allison, with a vision for coffee and for a greater Huntington. Both Allison and Caleb are locals to the Huntington area and long to see the coffee community as well as the greater community flourish.